I take inspiration from a 400 million year old journey cast in stone.”

“ Growing up in Caithness, I was surrounded by the county’s flagstone, it’s heritage, and the vast natural landscape composed during it’s formation. Caithness stone features in pavements and architecture worldwide. I see sky, sea and land in the stone’s colours, textures and gradients. Through digital processes, I create landscapes using photographs of Caithness stone captured from various sites including harbours, beaches, paving slabs and even ancient standing stones. Through my work I aim to encourage a deeper connection between people and land.

Lisa Poulsen graduated with an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Design Futures from Edinburgh Napier University in 2006. She then travelled for a year before returning to Caithness in 2007. With a new found appreciation of home, Lisa settled in Thurso starting a family and graphic design business called Inspired by Caithness. Working while her children slept, she generated a healthy design client base. After creating the North Coast 500 logo in 2015, Lisa shifted her creative focus from graphic design to follow her true passion as an artist. Lisa’s first series titled ‘StoneScape’ launched in October 2017 meeting high demand, pre-orders for additional titles and her first commission were received in 2018.

All items are inspired by, designed, and hand finished in Lisa's hometown - Thurso in Caithness, Scotland.

Striving to keep 100% of production within Scotland.

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Items can be ordered online and collected locally for free, or delivered worldwide.


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