Customer Testimonials



"From cushions to the wall art. I look around my house here in Spain and I feel at home. My Thurso East canvas is one of my favourites, this is because I spent years there playing and I see my Granny and Grandad in it every time I look at it. I think Lisa is a passionate soul with admiration for Caithness and that comes through in her work. Well done Lisa. I hear nothing but positive things about your high quality work. Thank you again for the memories you are giving me living abroad."


"It's easy to see how Lisa's work mirrors her passion for Caithness. Inspired by Caithness' understated and elegant designs reflect the subtle beauty of the area. By combining her creative talent, and her interest in the culture, nature and heritage of the area, Lisa has managed to combine the 'quaintness' of Caithness with a stylish and strikingly cool modernity."


"As a Caithness girl, born and bred, I can honestly say Lisa's work has opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me every day which I, like most, take for granted. Lisa's ability to make us stop and appreciate what we have on our doorstep is a talent in itself but she's taken that love and passed it on to others time and again in everything she does. To have a passion, to realise that passion and to embrace it with everything you have not only makes you fortunate, wise and wonderful, it makes you inspirational. The love Lisa has for her homeland and her surroundings, her ability to show the beauty in the simplest things and to make you realise and also appreciate that beauty is a talent which cannot be taught."


"We get excited every time there's a new blog post or update from this creative guru! To us, her talent is endless and we're sure you'll agree that Caithness hoosies all across the world are grateful and lucky to have her work on display. A touch of home when you're feeling homesick or a reminder of how awesome our county is while you prepare the dinner-her work puts a smile on so many faces."