StoneScape Commission

StoneScape Commission

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Do you feel connected to a certain view or place?

Perhaps one location holds more special memories for you than others.

Maybe it represents a significant moment or people.

A deeper connection…

By bringing your special place into your home in the form of a one of a kind piece of art, you allow a deeper connection to form:

  • You’ll be reminded of precious memories every time you see your commission.

  • You’ll be transported right back to that special time and place - as well as the emotion you felt when you were there.

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go." - Alexandra Stoddard

The art you display on the walls of your home confirms what you value in life. Your choice of artwork translates your personality to yourself and others.

Good for the soul…

Believe it or not, a commission doesn’t just fill up wall space.

It not only tells your story, but the act of viewing art alone is scientifically proven to benefit your wellbeing.

“Art should be like a holiday: something to give a man the opportunity to see things differently and to change his point of view.” - Paul Klee

The experience of commissioning art brings you similar benefits to that of taking a holiday. Its an opportunity to take time (and your mind) out of daily life and see your surroundings through new eyes. It allows you to forge a deeper connection with a special place and yourself while making your home feel much more human.

By commissioning an original StoneScape, you’ll transform your special place into a timeless piece of art, while giving yourself permission to feel more connected and grounded within yourself and your surroundings.

The commission process…

Deposit + Agreement

In order to kick-start your commission experience, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required to secure a commission slot in the diary. Before doing so, I recommend you read through the Artwork Commission Agreement which outlines the full process and builds a level of trust between you as the client and me as the artist.


Once you’ve paid a deposit and returned the signed Artwork Commission Agreement, work begins on your commission with an artist consultation. I will arrange to meet with you ideally at your special place or if you’re unable to attend in person, I’m happy to discuss the finer details with you over the phone or email. Together, we’ll discuss both the landscape and stone location of your choice. These two locations will be used to capture landscape photographs and stone textures from in order to create your StoneScape.

Your StoneScape

I visit your special place multiple times making sure to see it through your eyes and in different light depending on the time of day and weather. Once I’ve finished photographing the landscape and stone textures, I return to the computer to start work on fusing them together.

Creating the average StoneScape involves up to a full week of working hours and generates 40 to 60 digital layers of stone textures, gradients and landscape details.

My trusty printers in Glasgow then get to work on bringing your piece from the screen to life as a professionally printed piece. You are then provided with an original 16 x 16” unframed, signed StoneScape print mounted in bright white mount board ready for you to frame at a later date.


Included in your commission is a certificate of authenticity confirming the originality of your print and a coffee table book for you to keep. The book illustrates intimate details from behind the scenes, telling the story of your commission from beginning to end.


It is recommended you allow 2 months for the full commission process. However, if you have a particular date in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa.


Your commission can be delivered worldwide at an extra cost (please contact Lisa for a quotation) or collected locally free of charge.

“Stones are what the world is made of.” - Richard Long

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