Credit: Thea Hermansen of Let's Go Slow

A series of six digital art prints (limited to twenty-five of each) paying tribute to the county’s flagstone and hypnotic skies.


Kaitness Hoosie

Many Caithnessians can relate with the humbling words of John Horne. Lisa carried the poem in her backpack while travelling and would read a few lines to those keen to learn a little about her caithness roots.  her design illustrates the first few lines of ‘Div ye Mind?’ in a contemporary style.

The Puffin Collection

This design illustrates the most adorable mating display among birds: billing, where Puffins "kiss" upon finding each other after being apart from late August right through to early Spring. They
tag-team parenthood and return to each other year after year... true love on the Caithness coastline.

The Morven Collection

Lisa climbed Morven in her teens, the breathtaking view from the top remains fresh in her mind today. Visible from most of Caithness and far beyond, Morven boasts the highest summit in the county. As it majestically rises from the flat Flow Country to a peak of 2316ft high, it offers an overwhelming sense of vast open space.


From landscapes to dialect, Lisa's other designs incorporate elements of Caithness.


A range of Lisa's canvas print designs can be personalised adding an extra special touch.