Caithness Adventures: Puffin Cove

Puffin Cove Caithness Adventure.jpg

A humble lay-by sits at the ‘Welcome to Caithness’ sign between Reay and Melvich. We parked here, walked towards the sea for 10 minutes and found ourselves wowed by what felt like our very own discovery. I’d read that an abundance of puffins burrow on the pointed “Puffin island” beyond the cove every year but I was not prepared for the rest...

With the kids in one hand and dog’s lead in the other (sheep roam here) we were tempted to avoid the trundle down into the cove itself, but with explorer heads on we decided to have a go and turn back if things got tricky. The descent was very steep in places, loose underfoot and required the odd grass grip, adding to our sense of adventure.

Puffin Cove Caithness climbing hometime.jpg

Once our feet were finally on flat ground at the bottom, the dizzying cliffs, wild waves, cave, shipwreck, and stone sculptures left us in awe... let alone the birdlife whizzing around overhead.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to be discovered at Puffin Cove. All in all, a tremendous and treacherous trip but we’ll certainly be back for more.

Top Tip - Don’t forget the binoculars (like us!). Please explore this area at your own risk and with extreme caution.

Lisa PoulsenComment