Interior Ideas: Colours, Cushions & Focus

Bringing a cushion to the shops brings focus to interior ideas.

Its been a while since we've decorated in our Caithness hoosie, but anytime we do I always look for inspiration first - usually in the form of a cushion.  Although an abundance of interior design ideas can be found online, they soon become overwhelming so having a tangible item such as a cushion, ornament or artwork as a focal point helps to remind me of the bigger picture.  I often bring an item of inspiration along to the paint shop.  Cuddling a cushion, I match up colour samples and tester pots, then slap them on a wall at home to see how they work with our natural lighting.  Once the final colours have been selected, I cut out the paper swatches from paint manufacturers brochures, stick them together and carry them in my handbag incase I stumble upon new accessories while out and about.

If you know me at all, you'll know of my obsession with grey.  I'm thankful to be surrounded by so much of it here in Caithness.  From the big skies, seas and Caithness flagstone, my favourite colour is never far from view.  The grey tones of Caithness inspire many of my designs including the Morven cushion (pictured above).  By capturing a few of the cushion and Caithness coastal colours from the photograph taken at Thurso East, I've created a wee colour palette (at the top of this page) which you are more than welcome to print and use as inspiration for your next interior project.

As well as items available to order on our online shop, here's a few places from where items of inspiration can be found locally in Caithness:

Aurora, High Street, Thurso, Caithness - beautiful homeware items using natural materials and colours.

Coo's Tail Gallery, Olrig Street, Thurso, Caithness - stunning selection of Scottish art and home accessories making ideal interior inspiration (and gifts *hint hint*).

House Haven Art, Broadhaven Road, Wick, Caithness - Lisa Weller, creates beautiful and vibrant art and giftware capturing her surroundings here in Caithness.

I'd love to hear how you go about choosing colour schemes for your own decorating projects in the comments below.  Surely I'm not the only weirdo bringing my beloved cushion to the shops for a true colour match...?

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