The Surfer - Dancing at the 'Shit Pipe'

The Surfer, digital art canvas print

The Surfer, digital art canvas print

The northern swells and flagstone reefs of Caithness are known to produce some of the best (and coldest!) waves in Europe attracting professional surfers from all over the world. 

A local surf spot near Thurso East in Caithness fondly known as the "Shit Pipe" (for obvious reasons), is where 'The Surfer' was originally captured. Clutching his board as he made his way back to dry land, he appeared to gracefully dance his way through the expanse of slippery flagstone and seaweed left behind by the receding tide - a skill in itself.

Check out some of the waves and skills I'm talking about - of the slippery and surf variety - here in Ali Elder's short video...

Thurso East Surfing Film by Ali Elder

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